Marine Paint

Marine Paint / Anti-foul

Wattyl Marine Paint and Anti-Foul is available for sale at the Jurien Boat Lifters Office.

Hempyl anti-foul is also available by request.

All paints are competitively priced.

SeaPro Plus 100 Anti-foul - for aluminium boats

A single pack, self polishing anti-fouling primarily for aluminium vessels.

Formulated on a special binder and biocide package for use on aluminium hulls and appendages. SeaPro Plus 100 is designed to effectively control growth on common Australasian fouling species

Suitable for use on a wide variety of vessels, from pleasure craft to large ocean going catamarans.

SeaPro CU120 Anti-foul - for fibreglass boats

A single pack, high activity, self-polishing anti-fouling designed to control severe marine fouling.

Provides excellent performance on ships operating irregular sailing patterns in areas with high fouling activity. Effective fouling protection is achieved through the combination of copper oxide and organic biocides. Typical service life is 36 months though much longer service times have been recorded in specific situations. SeaPro CU120 can be applied directly over itself and most other anti-fouling's and is suitable for use on steel, fibreglass and timber vessels.