Marine Refuelling / Induction

Thank you for utilising our sites at Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Port Denison for your vessel refuelling requirements.

Jurien Bay and Port Denison have automated 24/7 refuelling available by credit card and debit card payment.

Comen Fuel WA is committed to the Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities and as a marine fuel distributor to both the commercial and recreational boat user Comen Fuel WA recognises the risks associated with refuelling vessels in the close proximity to the marine environment. As a requirement to utilising our facilities all vessel owners/personnel must take responsibility for the refuelling of their vessels. In keeping with the Health Safety and Environmental policies Comen Fuel WA are committed to:

  • Conducting operations in compliance with all relevant environmental regulations, licences and legislation
  • The continual review of environmental objectives and targets with the aim of improving performance
  • Encourage all users - employees, contractors and customers to identify and promote health, safety and environmental initiatives
  • Provide a safe environment for all users of our facilities
  • Industry best practice to minimise impacts to the environment whilst preventing harm to all users of our facilities

Please ensure you read the following guidelines prior to utilising Comen Fuel WA facilities so as to increase environmental awareness and adopt safe practices when refuelling vessels. Unsafe practices may lead to injury, in extreme circumstances death and even the smallest spill may lead to a significant impact on our marine environment.

As refuelling requires manual handling, awareness of the surrounding environment needs to be taken into consideration. When refuelling your vessel and operating dispensing equipment extreme care needs to be taken to avoid spills, fire and accidents in order to protect ourselves, coastal amenities and the marine environment.


At Comen Fuel WA we pride ourselves with being a responsible company adhering to strict government legislation (Australian Standards and Acts) surrounding the environment during the distribution of marine fuel. Our aim is to provide our customers with an environmentally safe delivery platform in which to operate.

Our clients, as consumers of marine fuel have obligations under these Acts. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this legislation to help us in caring for the environment.

Comen Fuel WA is governed by the following Acts and under these acts, pollution is a prosecutable offence:

  • AS 1940 - 2017 - The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • The Environmental Protection Act
  • Marine and Harbours (Fuelling) Regulations 1985
  • Pollution of waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1987

As a consumer of marine fuel you have obligations under the above Acts and Regulations.

Please ensure you thoroughly read through, and complete the Comen Fuel WA induction prior to utilising one of our facilities. This applies to all commercial and recreational vessel owners/users.